Executive Search Experts With Insider Expertise

With healthcare organizations growing and evolving at a rapid pace, executive positions are more challenging than ever before. Based in California, we conduct regional and national retained executive searches for all of our clients – from start to finish. Our nimble, flexible team has a proven track record of providing what our clients want – and deserve – the very best candidates, in the shortest time frame possible.

We have a deep and thorough knowledge of the healthcare world including strategic planning, marketing, medical group management, physician relations and more and know what makes senior-level teams really work. We have drawn upon that experience since 2002 to fill our clients’ executive positions with candidates who are the perfect fit for both the position, and most importantly, the company culture.

We specialize in senior management positions in the healthcare sector including the full ‘C’ suite, Vice Presidents, Directors and Service Line Leaders for a variety of clients, including:

  • Health Care Systems and Hospitals
  • Large Medical Groups, Physician Practices, and Foundations
  • Consulting Firms
  • Large Hospice Organizations
  • Healthcare Associations
  • Non-Profit Organizations